Everything you knew about home
 entertainment has changed.
 Never before has your home been the center of so much attention. Carolina Sound has been in the business of custom audio/video installation for over 15 years. We have the finest team of installers who together have more than 60 years of combined experience in the field.





In today’s home and business environment,  everything can be integrated into your network. From Smart TVs to streaming music, your network and the internet have become an integral part of every day life. At Carolina Sound, we

are experts at creating and maintaining your network.  






Everyone is more security conscious these days, and the ability to monitor your home or business on your television,

laptop, phone or tablet at any time, adds to your piece of mind. Carolina Sound can install a comprehensive system of surveillance cameras and recording equipment to help you protect your home, family and business.




At Carolina Sound, our expertise is not limited to residential systems. We also specialize in commercial applications, banks, offices, restaurants, and schools . Using the latest technologies from Cisco and Polycom, we can design the teleconferencing experience  to suit your specific needs.  Contact us today for your FREE consultation.


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